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Q. Why not just get surgery to fix my problem?

A. Surgery is always an option for patients who suffer from severe arthritis, a cartilage tear, a severe ligament tear, or a complete tendon tear. Surgery is also the treatment of choice for badly torn cartilage and bone-on-bone arthritis. However, we all know friends and loved ones who didn’t have the outcome they were hoping for after their surgery. Stem cell injections help many of my patients avoid surgery, but not all of them. Some are simply too far-gone and I tell them so when we discuss their case. Joint replacement surgery is 90% successful but only 70% of patients are satisfied with their outcomes. I see a lot of these 30% dissatisfied patients in my practice. They wonder what went wrong, and how I can help them now after their surgery. That's why I began to offer these experimental procedures to my patients. The risk of putting your cells into your orthopedic problem area is very low. If you can afford the treatment, understand your chances for a positive outcome, and are willing to accept the risks, complications, and benefits, then consider getting an autologous cellular medicine treatment. In patients younger than 60-years-old who are facing a joint replacement, or who have arthritis with a torn meniscus in their knee, the risk of having complications resulting in further surgery and chronic pain are significantly high.