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Q. How many treatments are required to give me the best outcome attainable for my problem?

A. First of all, a stem cell treatment consists of three separate treatments:

  1. Pre-treatment consists of a hypertonic dextrose solution or a platelet lysate injected in the joint to calm it down and prepare it for the stem cell injection the following week. It is much more advantageous for the stem cells to be injected into a joint that is not so inflamed. Any unstable ligaments are pre-treated as well to provide the joint with a more stable support system to prepare the joint for the stem cell injections. This treatment, including your initial consultation, takes one to one-and-a-half hours to complete.
  2. Stem Cell Day occurs one week after the pre-treatment. During this treatment, you return for the bone marrow aspiration. If needed, we will also perform a mini-liposuction to prepare a fat graft preparation. In addition, your blood is drawn to prepare a stem cell plasma preparation. Then, depending on your clinical problem, the cells are injected into the joint and cartilage lesions inside the joint, and also into the supporting ligaments and tendons if needed. This treatment takes two to two-and-a-half hours to complete.
  3. Post-treatment injection is performed with a stem cell plasma treatment into the joint, or any place the stem cells were injected, to help them stay on site. This keeps them working a little longer before they die off. This treatment takes up to an hour to complete.

The more severe the orthopedic problem, the greater the chance of needing more than one treatment to attain the pain relief and healing we are hoping you will achieve. In the last year, I have only had to retreat three patients to help them reach their treatment goals. Only two patients have failed their treatment and were sent to orthopedic surgery. What constitutes a treatment failure? The patient exhibits no clinical improvement by 3-4 months after treatment.