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Q. How do I prepare for a stem cell treatment?

A. Dietary changes that may help increase stem cell counts are recommended in Chapter Nine of my new book, Regenerative Healing for Life. There are also supplements we recommend that may help prepare stem cells for your treatment. If you talk to a dozen doctors who perform stem cell treatments, you will get a dozen different answers on what you can and should be doing to prepare for a stem cell treatment. There really is only scant data on what if anything we can do to most effectively help prepare for a stem cell treatment. Most of this is theory at this point, or data that has been collected from university animal studies and extrapolated to humans. With that said, Regenexx has recently finished a stem cell lab study looking at which supplements help or hurt stem cells grow in culture. For instance, vitamin D3 helps stem cells grow, much like adding Miracle Grow to tomato plants. In fact, Regenexx has just released its first nutritional supplement for patients to take as they prepare for their stem cell treatment. It is the only commercially produced stem cell supplement on the market that has solid evidence that each ingredient in the powder actually helps stem cells grow in culture and does not harm them either. The name of the supplement is Advanced Stem Cell Support Formula” and can be ordered from my web site, or the Regenexx web site. Regenexx has also figured out a list of medicines that prevent stem cells from growing in culture. This list seems to keep growing. It is also included in Chapter Nine. In addition, it turns out that strength training can also help our stem cell numbers. For example, exercising in the pool to try to get some muscular development helps our stem cell numbers increase. This may be impossible for some patients, but any increase in strength can only help you prepare for your treatment. In our practice, patients receive the “Yellow Folder” once they schedule their treatment outlining all of these topics to try to help them achieve the best outcome with their treatment.