4 Benefits of Riding a Bike

You probably know that riding a bike can keep you in shape or help you lose weight, but there may be some benefits of riding a bike that you aren’t aware of. We’ll be discussing a few reasons why you should take up cycling if you aren’t already doing it.

Improve your health 

This isn’t just about staying in shape, getting in shape, or losing weight. Even casual cycling can provide noticeable benefits to your overall health. You can even cycle indoors on a stationary bike and see the benefits! 

In fact, a 2017 study found that people who commuted to work on bikes tended to have better cardiovascular function and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Of course, the study also found that people who cycle regularly were fitter than people who did other physical activities. 

Give your immune system a boost

Incorporating cycling into your physical fitness routine can also improve your immune system. Don’t see the connection? Well, when a person engages in moderate exercise, their immune cells become more active, making them more equipped to fight off illness and infection. 

According to research from the University of North Carolina, people who ride a bike for at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week take fewer sick days than those who don’t. More specifically, they only take half as many sick days.

Improve cardiovascular health

Riding a bike is a perfect way to get some cardio exercise in. 

According to a 2019 review from the journal Medicina, indoor cycling can improve aerobic capacity as well as your cardiovascular system’s ability to provide oxygen to working muscles for them to use efficiently.

As little as 10 minutes of cycling can provide cardiovascular benefits. Incorporating high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into your cycling routine through a class will improve cardiovascular health as well. HIIT increases how much oxygen you use during exercise, improving blood pressure and insulin sensitivity. 

Improve your mood

As if the physical benefits of riding a bike aren’t enough, there are mental benefits as well. Whether you ride outside or indoors in a cycling class, riding a bike can improve your mood. It’s especially easy to get into a good mood when you’re cycling in a room full of other people who are also excited about getting some exercise with fun, upbeat music. 

A study from 2017 found that people who bike outside also had a lower risk of being stressed compared to people who don’t.  

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