How to Prevent Back Injuries During Sports & Activities

Regardless of fitness level, back injuries or pain are one of the most common complaints of those who lead an active lifestyle. In addition to this, whatever your sport or activity of choice, you are at risk of developing a back injury. This is why taking steps for the prevention of a back injury is so important for anyone leading an active lifestyle. Keep reading for tips that will help you avoid a back injury and keep you active!

Don’t skip the warm-up!

This is a common mistake, but we can’t overstate the importance of a thorough warm-up before any activity for the prevention of a back injury. Whatever your fitness level, you should be warming up and stretching prior to participating in any sport or recreational activity. Stretching helps joints move through their full range of motion, increases muscle blood flow, enables muscles to work more effectively. If you skip stretching, your muscles will be less flexible, move less effectively, and be more likely to tear or develop an injury.

stretching for prevention of back injury

Strengthen your core

When it comes to the prevention of a back injury, strengthening your core will go a long way in protecting your back. How does this protect your back from injury? A strong core provides support to your back, better posture, improved balance and stability, and increased endurance. Strong core muscles can also be a sort of shock absorber for the back, further working to prevent injury. Make time in your routine for some core strengthening exercises!

Add variety to your routine

Your favorite sport might be golf, so that’s the activity you participate in every day or just about every day. This is great, but it puts you at risk of developing an overuse or repetitive motion injury. You can avoid this by changing your routine and making sure you get movement in different ways. The key to this is just balanced exercise that uses all parts of your body. You could do this by working out a few days a week or starting a different sport that will exercise your body differently.

Get Treatment for Sports-Related Back Injuries in Delaware County

Being an athlete or just leading an active lifestyle comes with the risk of injury. It’s less a question of “if” than “when”, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take steps to avoid back injuries. Even if you do sustain an injury, taking these steps may even reduce the severity of the injury. 

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